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Home / World / The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the World Health Organization (WHO)

The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the World Health Organization (WHO)

The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the World Health Organization (WHO) because of the bad faith of Europe towards Africa.

The Malagasy president says, Europe created organizations with the desire for Africans to remain dependent on them. Africa has found a medicine against Coronavirus but Europe thinks they have a monopoly of intelligence as such they are refusing to acknowledge it. It is against this backdrop that I invite all African Nations to quit the international organizations in order for us to build ours.

Rajoelina has put his reputation and credibility on the line touting the medicine as a cure. He said it cures COVID-19 in 10 days.

“No one will stop us from moving forward – not a country, not an organisation,” Rajoelina said in response to the WHO’s concerns.

He said the proof of the tonic’s efficacy was in the “healing” of “our patients”.

He called the medicine a “preventive and curative remedy”.

Rajoelina said Madagascar till date, has reported 212 coronavirus infections and 107 recoveries.

The country has one critical case, but no death.

“The patients who have healed have taken no other product than Covid-Organics,” the president said, adding that his country has a history of traditional medicine.

“What if this remedy had been discovered by a European country, instead of Madagascar?”, Rajoelina queried WHO and other skeptics.

“Would people doubt it so much? I don’t think so,” Rajoelina told FRANCE 24 and RFI .

The drink is derived from artemisia – a plant with proven anti-malarial properties – and other indigenous herbs.

“What is the problem with Covid-Organics, really?, he said.

“Could it be that this product comes from Africa?

“Could it be that it’s not OK for a country like Madagascar, which is the 63rd poorest country in the world… to have come up with (this formula) that can help save the world?” asked Rajoelina.

My country Madagascar leaves all the organizations tonight and I call on other African Nations to do same.

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  1. Prof. Princess Shullam

    We want to connect with Mr. President please.

    • Don’t let China entrap your country with political debt.

      • Who mentioned China? Natural cures are known to basically cure every ailment and even the expensive medicines Western countries produce are derived from natural sources. So why on Earth should poor countries in-debt themselves with the Western rapacious banks beyond redemption when nature provides the cure for free?

        • China literally has this as a policy towards African Nations. They are monopolizing all those countries rare earth minerals.

          • All Major nations suppress who and what they can unfortunately. The sooner that’s overcome the sooner will the poorer nations find more economic & political equality for the people

          • Wasn’t that what the westerners doing before China replaced them? Now the westerners are crying foul that they had been replaced by China on the big laying field.

        • Excellent!! We just need to stay tuned and follow this act. The world maybe changing right before our eyes.

          • I follow your thought process.
            Let’s focus on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, discover more remedies , and help the world, at large.
            The world is becoming a global village, and we are all chungong mdr n of God.

        • YOU ARE CORRECT!
          You must stand firm on your believes, or you will become like the rest of the world ruled by pharmaceuticals,…
          They have poisoned our food, and our water, and provide us now with pharmaceutical drugs which they already developed .

          • And, the wort part is their “Solution” for their Lab-Virus is a DNA / RNA TAMPERING so-called “Vaccine”.
            To Degrade us on our very Biologic Building-Blocks.
            Vampiric gene-snatching “U”-Genics for them,
            DIS-Genics DOWNGRADING Biological Degradation for the rest.

            Although being european, I tottaly back the Europe blame Retotoric-Strategy (after all, weren’t it mostly “European” MASSONICALLY-hijacked Nations that were the (not entirelly) durty colonial job ?
            The “Berlin (infamous) Conference”.

            You can’t simply directly talk of “Cosmopolitan-Financeers”, or you would sink in the Hollow-Caustic Slander-Scam (or “Reductio ad Hitlerum”) and would be anathemized an “Antisemite©” (actually anti”Sham-Mite).

            And yes, not only do they have Nasty Narcissistic (mostly of european blood) setting-up and running, asas proxies their blood-sucking fancy Conveys named “Multinationals”.

          • Angel Ruiz is an obvious fruitcake.

      • Donovan McDonald

        Too late! Not entrapped by China but by the Fed. Reserve and World Bank. We’re toast.

      • LMAO what a western idiotic pig, aren’t you? 🙃

    • Elisabeth Scharna

      Congratulations from Germany! You are a role model for us!!!
      Thank you very much for your independence and courage !!!

      • Henriette Bruckner

        Also from Germany. Thanks very much. We should also leave NATO, WHO and so on.

        • I am from the Brexit country and agree entirely with your sentiments.

        • Agree Henriette. What a game is played here? Comparing all the scientific data we get on Corona, there are 300.000 dead until now, after 9 weeks total Lockdown, whilst normal flu every year gives us 350.000-650.000 flu related deads. They did give 1 of 1000 viruses a name, WHO creates panic and fear and the countries followed with Lockdown and AI controll systems from our phone companies for social controll. Waiting for Bill Gates on a white horse on a red carpet with a new vaccine in his hand, as an saviour of the world. No one may destroy his dream, making 1000 billions with a new vaccine. What a discusting game. Support Madagaskar!!!

          • I also think the WHO is manipulating the information. Np other Corona virus is around only Covid 19. No other flu is affecting humans. It is like the other Corona virus magically disappeared afer Covid-19. According to the WHO people do not die from other causes but only Covid-19. The CDC reported over 250 deaths per day only in the US for the flu in 2018. Something smells really bad in here. Viruses are everywhere and people who are dying are suffering from a nutritional deficiency, from an un-diagnosed disease or from a chronic disease.

        • All “nternational” (prisional) Institutions were made Through Roosevelt, etc,… as Fancy Slave-Driving Institutions (for the Usury-Uber-Mafia).
          Aren’t Pimps (very Seductive for their Prey) Fancy-men too ?

          They’re sparing on their Vaseline latelly.

          Btw, did you notice, US Demo(ni)crat Party did pass an “Anti-Linching” Law when the PlannnedDemic was in its start ?

          You should have Commie old Devila Mierdel put somewhere she deserves.

      • We need to pray for him before they engineered coup against him or kill him,he need beef up his security

        • You are correct, france or the USA will plan his death

          • Maybe even China they cannot be trusted either

          • Fery Salehpoor

            USA , means ” Deep State ” of course….

          • Oh yes !

            They are never short of “Lone-Creasy-Magnicidals”. Or “heart-attack” like congressman James Traficant, “instant death” like Andrew Breitbart, “suicide” like Aaron Schwartz (yes, the Usury-Uber-Mafia kills the In-Cohen-Venient within their “Tribe” too).

        • Margitta Bütterich

          Ja,es ist sehr sehr wichtig diesen Präsidenten rund um die Uhr zu beschützen.

      • Absolutely correct

    • Wiele osób z Polski także podziela myślenie niezależne od WHO

    • Very good!
      Nature is so wonderful and has so much Health to give 👍🏼
      Greetings from Germany

  2. Good For Them! They should do that which is best for their People and Country.(U.S. Citizen)

  3. Good for them! They should do the best for their People and Country. (U.S. Citizen)

  4. Wunderfull!!!!!

    • Definitely the vaccine is full of poison ,It is lot better to cure any diseased with the natural remedy
      Kind regards

      • Could it be because Bill Gates is one of the top donors to WHO and he really wants to make money and gain power pushing vaccines?

        • Yes of course that is the case! Gates cannot make money out of herbs, nor the pharmaceutical industry. They love their vaccines because of the money and power they bring.

          • So true that’s what it all about money. The CEO only cares about his share holder who has shares in the Pharmaceutical that’s why they kill off everybody that tries to come up with natural herbs. That what happened to Doctor sebi and Nipsey Hussle and left eye the pharmaceutical didn’t want people to know that they have natural herb that cures a lot of diseases .

          • Allow me to Dis-agree Gwendolin. Money is the aim only for the Usury-Uber-Mafia underlings. Their Prroxies and Conveys, like their “Multinationals” Directors, whore-Polititians, etc…
            It’s the Pigs-Ration they throw on them (or let them steal from the rest).

            They own (criminally Set-Up) the “Federal-Reserve” Global-Siphooning-Hose (and almost every other (Private) Central-Bank.

            They want actually the (whole) World (and Universe).
            And, (Disney’s “Aladin” Vizir Jafar style) ABSOLUTE (Beyond God) POWER.

        • Stephan van Niekerk

          I have to agree with you. Money is once again made out of medical field. Gates, Clinton, Besos Fauci and company are going to manipulate this as far as they can.

        • Congratulation from Croatia

        • A very True comment

        • Monica Frohmann

          It is in fact due to this. Anything that interferes with the sale of vaccines will go against his grain. Not to mention that the head of the WHO is Ethiopian and Ethiopia owes China more money than they can ever repay so the is WHO indirectly is indebted to China. This is verifiable, anyone wanting this information has access to it.
          I’m a Canadian citizen living in Austria and I think we need more acceptance of natural cures and less controlling bodies like WHO.

        • Bill Gates is not only the top donor for who but also the cdc which isn’t a governmental agency(its a public 501 c3 non profit charitable organization) but it’s privately owned!!!

  5. Thank you sir I was very excited to here about your organic medicine for Coronavirus , the WHO it looks like they don’t want a cure as they are pushing for vaccines that are full of toxins , thanks so much

    • That is True , gut Flora, michrobium, or I call it The Unseen Brain , Lots of CELLORY JUICE, gets rid of VIRUSES! ORGANIC foods ! CHEERS KYM

  6. Ya era hora, me parece muy bien.

  7. muy bien! muy valiente. ojalá el resto hagan lo mismo.

  8. WHO should implode. It would be such a good continuation if afte USA all the african states could retteat.

  9. Esta actitud del Presidente malgache es un ejemplo a seguir y muestra el despertar de la humanidad ante los miles de años que llevamos viviendo la explotación por parte de los poderes oscuros detrás de los gobiernos en todo el mundo.
    Atrevamonos todos a seguir este ejemlo.
    No mas Bill Gates.
    No mas antonys Faucis.
    No mas OMS.
    No mas FMI.
    No mas dictaduras, …
    No mas confinamiento.
    Todos a las calles.
    Bienvenido el despertar de la humanidad.

    • Martín Calle Renteria

      Así es, ya es hora de decirles NO a todos los del Cabal, OMS, Fmi, y demás organizaciones de fachada de esos grupos que quieren veré a la humanidad en ka ruina y esclavizada. Buen camino a seguir, ánimo.

    • Asi es. Totalmente deacuerdo. Este Presidente tiene coraje y determinación. Ojala que los demas paises africanos tambien se libran de esas organizaciones que venden la muerte y manipulan con sus vacunas y medicamentos. También espero que America Latina deje de permitir que saquean todos sus recursos y se alejan de las organizaciones internacionales que obran solamente para sus propios beneficios.
      Cuidese Sr. Presidente. A “ellos” no les van a gustar lo que Ud. dice y hace. Estan determinados esta vez a ir muy lejos. Tenemos que ser millones en decir NO.

  10. Long live Madagascar for voicing the realities..

    We had discovered also treatment for Covid-19 in Philippines allegedly long time ago but is deferred by DOH perhaps under the advice of WHO not to use it unless to undergo government FDA processes and testing..

    There’s a popular clamor to use the drug due to lots of deaths already but sadly to no avail.

    So unfortunate.

    • stupidity shud stick inside your pocket my friend, ur anti virus blah blah are already rolling for approval and needs sum required process before in cud be used for mass vaccination.. its not that simple like buying freakin candy at 7/11… dont spread lies like w.h.o interfering with your fabunan anti virus.. it will be approved, but need to comply frst. so shut up.. we dont want a dengvaxia like scandal again. enuf is enuf..

      • Be aware that the WHO and their masters could be on a different agenda . Could be that they don’t want to test and register these cheap remedies , )for example there was a lot of resistance to register Cannabis for cancer cures etc. ) in case they work and the Billions being set aside for research is withdrawn .

      • Covid got madicine eventually people will die .

        It’s better to eat some Herbal medicine .
        You might live or die .

        So why you worry….🤣😂🤣

      • Marcke, You are the most ignorant pig ever! Nothing good to say? Say nothing! You can’t even string an intelligent sentence together! Imbecile! Shut up!

      • You are just bloody stupid, wake up dear friend, or do a research on bill gates vaccine programs in africa and india

        • Bill-“Back”-Gates DNA / RNA TAMPERING “Vaccines”.
          His “U”Genicist father couldn’t Exterminate enough “Goyim” (Sub-Human-Cattle) as President of Genocidal “Planned-Parenthood” abortinist whole-sale scam.

          Still, just like every Treasonous high-official in Europe is promoted to high position within the (genocidal anti)-European (racist scam), his merits must have been rat enougth to place Bill-“Back”-Gates, Einstein-style Thief, Plagiarist, Genocidal Impostor as Frontman on their Software-Usurpatory-Gate-Monopoly scam.

      • I hope prayers for you would work. But if you have no soul, they won’t.

  11. It would be interesting to see the data on this treatment.

  12. AnAwakenPerson

    OOOhhhooooo !!!!

    Where we go one we go all !!!!!

  13. No más experimentos en África, Asia, España y Suramerica.
    ¡Onor y felicidades!

  14. We are born with a God given immune system. It is nutrified by God given nutrition. The answer has always been in the soil The Western world has Glyco Nutrients and mannose


  16. Bravo Mr. President! I applaud your decision.

  17. f#%k WHO, hope all of Africa follows your lead. Nature has a cure for every ailment humans have. First thing is to trust in our internal nature( immune system) and to nourish it with the bounty Nature provides . Aloha from Kauai

  18. Thank you mr President ….. from Nigeria

  19. I support this decision by Mr President but on a sad note, too many of his colleagues are sworn puppets in the pockets of European political bullies. I’ll rather ask Mr President to link of with African indigenous beverage companies to be distributors of this life saving drug and supplement. Let’s go private so the ordinary people of Africa are not used by their evil leaders as baits in a reckless game with those sons and daughters of Lucifer.

  20. Brilliant
    Share this information far and wide, don’t let the WHO, big pharma and globalists control you or the rest of humanity
    Corrupt politicians and a control agenda by gates and cohorts will not succeed, the answer is a metabolic diet as you have discovered, share this to London Live, they will share with humanity uncensored and totally freely
    Well done!!

  21. Mariana Gaidanov

    Well done, Mr. President ! Congratulations! GOD bless you all, and help your country and your people, and all African People, too! I am from Romania, . , from South Estern Europe. We have been comunist until 1989, then we were happy fo become free, but we are not really free, because ofthe rich countries . I wish You all the best!

  22. maybe this is the reaaon why the w.h.o is wanted to push their vaccine! let us fight this plandemic!

    “WELL, WELL, WELL!!!
    Isn’t it just an interesting coincidence that the $1,000 a dose, “Remdesivir” manufactured by Gilead and is now being touted as “cure” for COVID-19. And, here’s where it really gets interesting, China holds the patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID and who has an office near Wuhan? Wait for it, you’ll never guess who the main financial investors are at UNITAID? None other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO (World Health Organization). I know what they want us to believe; that it’s just all a coincidence. Which means I have to also forget the other coincidence that Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. But wait, I forgot one more coincidence. Dr. Anthony Fauci was the one who authorized $3.7 million, to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses. I find it so amazing that I must be thankful it’s all just coincidence. Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along. WOW! They create these viruses, then develop the medicines to stop the spread of the disease. They make billions in the process, and couldn’t care less how many people die so they can enrich themselves. No wonder Fauci slapped down hydroxychloroquine which has a 92% success rate. He had to, or the money might stop flowing back to him.
    Funny how all the best coincidences are found when you FOLLOW THE MONEY..

    • ThinkersBenefit

      🙂 I live your sarcasm! Good intelligence!

      It’s so sad that the huge majority of people in the USA, Europe and Asia are such blind, brainwashed wombats who’d rather applaud their godlike corrupt elite for enslaving them and their children than start reading critical sources and asking the right questions!

    • You said it very well Leo. Create the problem, encourage the reaction “something must be done”, and then offer the solution. It is summed up by the Freemason motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ -order out of chaos. Create the chaos and then offer the way to restore order. And block everyone else who managed to create a solution. Boom!

      • Crypto, it’s called the Hegelian Dialectic. Used by the elite as a means of control. Problem, reaction, solution. They create the problem, and when the masses cry out for a solution, they provide one. But the solution that they provide is, in fact, what their their goal was all along. By using this method, they give the masses the illusion that they are the saviors, while at the same time obtaining consent for their nefarious deeds.

        Order Ab Chao is relevant . They are burning everything to the ground so they can build their utopian dream (dystopian for non-elites). That’s why we see the chaos in society. All institutions are being destroyed including religious, political, educational, social, economic, health etc. That is why they are allowing everything to be revealed e.g child trafficking, political corruption etc., so that the masses will cry out for a solution. And their New World Order will be the solution. The Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Their occult dream.

    • Leo
      Great you speak out of my heart
      Congratulations President of madagaskar
      Wish your herbal natural medicine would be avlb in europe and worldwide
      I bow to you , great sbsolutely great.
      They (bill gates, fauci, who snd big pharma ) are not interested in herbal medicine, as it doesnt bring them trillions of dollars and immense power and on top all they want us full control of humanity

    • Cannabis does not cure cancer where did you get that lie from?

    • Para León: Usted afirma: ” la hidroxicloroquina, que tiene una tasa de éxito del 92%”
      De dónde obtiene el dato, por favor. Cite la fuente. Gracias.
      A todos: alguien puede darme un link donde leer la noticia de 1ª mano acerca de la petición oficial de Andry Rajoelina?
      Otra pregunta a todos: alguien puede darme un link donde leer la noticia de 1ª mano acerca de la eficacia de la artemisa?
      No quiero limitarme a repetir como un loro sin ir a las fuentes a tomar sus aguas por mi misma

    • beste ik neem zelf de thee al 2 maand en artimesia is een super product

  23. Super, richtig Mr. President ! Diesen Organisationen ist nicht zu trauen. Ich hoffe und wünsche mir von ganzem Herzen, daß Afrika Ihnen folgen wird und das gleiche machen, wie Sie. Ich wünsche Ihnen und Afrika viel Kraft und Zuversicht. Beste Grüße aus Österreich

  24. Patrick Tulloch

    Interesting but they need scientific proof first before it can be accepted.keep on trying.

    • Sciences are beliefs : it is the new religion. Science evolves and changes all the time. Medicinal plants are used for hundred or thousand years. Mankind did not need to have “scientific” proofs, Observation was Enough. The important is that we know what it cures and the side effects. As these plants are traditionnally used since so long, Proof is there. Ancestral knowledge. Not manipulated by – too often – false investigation.

  25. Put bill gates in jail pls

    • Frank mcgee
      I fully agree, should have happened long time ago, specially after what happened in africa and india with gates vaccination programs

  26. All African immigrants who come on board to European countries should all come back immediately and make Africa great again!!

  27. ¡¡¡Bravo Sr. Presidente de Madagascar!!! Dios nos bendiga y nos proteja y nos ilumine y guie para luchar por nuestros pueblos. Por favor,
    Envie y comparta al Presidente de Mexico su valor y determinación para liberarnos del yugo y la corrupción. De los poderosos del mundo porque Nadie es más poderoso que DIOS.

  28. THANK YOU President Rajoelina and for the people of Madagascar and all Africa we cheer. #WeThePeople of the U.S. and all around the world stand with you! Regardless of the media spin or the blind but loud few, the People of the world know what BG, and the 1% are doing and we will not comply!!

  29. Bravo mr president Job weldone , other African leaders act fast
    And all African citizens are behind you

  30. Wish that all Europeans would get this information! Go on!!!

  31. What a courageous and heroically decision Mr. President. Congratulations. we’re no longer slave.

  32. ThinkersBenefit

    A very courageous step. My congratulations! This political self-confidence and trust in the natural healing resources will keep your people healthy and your country independent.

    In the past Europeans enslaved the African people by force. Today the whole world’s elites try to enslave the whole world population by much more subtle means.

    It is good know that you see through this, Mr President! Keep on disguising those mechanisms and organisations of enslavement. This is Rolex model behavior to all leaders around the world!

  33. Well done your Excellency, this the time African leaders needs to awake from their dormant consciousness and come together as one family, without any selfish interest,. Africa is the source of civilization and the bed of treasures and medicine. But we miss all opportunity just because of greed, envy, lust and selfish mindset. This the time to rise above all challenges

  34. Dr . Vinod Nair

    Congratulations Mr President 💐👍🙏 very courageous and heroic decision.But still I think we have to wait for another one month to see its efficacy when the Covid spreads in community level. And at the same time please validate its efficacy in a scientific way so that it can be proven to the world. This is the time to show to world the superiority of Traditional plant based medicine over western medicine.Dr. Vinod Nair from Pune, India

  35. Mayowa Desmond

    I stand with Madagascar, WHO is a conspiracy of Anti-Africa.

  36. Excelente!!!! Mis respetos al presidente Andry Rajoelina. Ojalá toda Africa se sume a su propuesta y toda Sud América lo siga. También está el Dióxido de Cloro que es económico y eficaz. Viva Africa!!!!

  37. Good for them… Unfortunately our “leaders” are biugjt and paid for long ago

  38. Herbal medicine and natural healing have been targeted for destruction by big-pharma interests, not only in Africa, but in Europe as well. Nations need to stand up for their indigenous cultures, medicines and sovereign rights. African nations should also be aware that they will be targeted first with Bill Gates’ vaccines. I hope they will be be ready to protect themselves against his “philanthropy”.

  39. Bravo, Mr Präsident! Ich bewundere Ihre Haltung zutiefst!
    Meines Erachtens ist das genau der richtige Weg!
    Artemisia Annua (einjähriger Beifuß)und andere Naturheilprodukte unterstützen unser uns von Gott gegebenes & einzigartiges Immunsystem, welches nun schon seit Jahrzehnten von pharmazeutischen Produkten malträtiert, geschwächt, ja zT sogar zerstört wird.
    Wir alle, dh jeder einzelne von uns muss wieder lernen Eigenverantwortung zu übernehmen, anstelle jegliche Entscheidungen immer mehr an unsere manipulativen& korrupten Regierungen abzugeben – bzw abgenommen zu bekommen!
    Es ist ZU offensichtlich, dass diese keineswegs an unserer Genesung oder unserem Wohl gelegen ist.
    Wir müssen zurück zur Natur, dort allein liegt unsere Heilung. Ohne Nebenwirkungen (bei richtiger Dosierung;)!
    Und wir sollten uns auch fragen, warum immer mehr Kräuter& Nahrungserganzungsmittel auf natürlicher Basis von unseren Regierungen verboten werden u a mit der Begründung sie seien wissenschaftlich nicht erforscht&anerkannt (jedoch Teil eines zT Jahrhunderten alten Wissens) Alles auf Druck von Big Pharma mit all seinen Lobbyisten.
    Mit Artemisia Annua lässt sich aber kein ‘schönes’ Geld machen – und mit gesunden Menschen verdient man kein solches.
    Ich wünschte die Meschen in aller Welt würden dafür aufstehen und solch Haltung, wie die vom Präsidenten Madagaskars einfordern. Es ist nie zu spät!
    Gesundheit für Alle!
    ¡Salut para todo el mundo!

  40. What you on about there is more Africans in Ireland then there is in Africa

  41. All African countries should come together to make a United nations (states)of African .This will make Africa powerful. As united states of America, the African should belong to one blocks.

  42. Be sure that even in Europe if someone had discovered that remedy, it would not have been taken seriously, some would have joked about it, they would have said it’s charlatanism, that it needs to go through scientific research and the one in power would have discreetly banned that remedy. It would have been a too big threat to the pharmaceutical industry. In Europe dear Mr President, on that matter, a lot of people are thanking you to stand against greed and control that some are taking over the population.

  43. This what we call believing in ya country. and strong leadership.Our African leaders are always scared of of offending their colonial masters. I hope black people in Africa and the diaspora stand in support with this President.There will never be a European solution to an African problem.We have our solution to covid let’s support it!

  44. This is wonderful news. Keep up the great work & honourable leadership!

  45. Africa must have access to its magnificent natural resources. No one can stop you from taking back your country. I ask from my heart to take back what is yours.

    Helen from Finland

  46. Björn Kristjánsson

    Absolutely wonderful that a national leader has the courage to stand on his own feet. I wish him success and the nations of africa should realize that the colonialism never stopped, in only changed clothes.

  47. Greetings to all of Africa..It is about time.I tip my hat to you. Mr. President & got the great move you’ve made.I’ve been wanting to come timed to my roots for a very long time.I left Jamaica 40yrs.ago with intent to make it home & got stuck on this sinking ship of abomination.I need to Come home now.Anyone know the best way to reach Africa even Madagascar please..send me a link Ricardo




    El siguiente vídeo, es el único es español ,pero la conferencia de la OMS Sobre la seguridad de las vacunas está en inglés entera en la red. Global Safety Vaccine Summit. Es demoledora si escuhas a todos los ponentes. Reconociendo uno por uno lo que siempre negaron, que el sistema de salud, los profesionales son los primeros en no creer en las vacunas, que no han probado lso efectos de combinar tanbtas sustancias etc etc

    – Aquí el vínculo de este resumen en castellano

    – La original

    Es alucinante que lo pongan en nuestra cara, que las vacunas son una mierda y que han mentido a la población y que el sistema sanitario mundial, pero en concreto el europeo no tiene confianza en ellos ni en las vacunas.

    Pero hay más, a las 8 semanas de esta conferencia, Peter Salama, director ejecutivo de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) para la Cobertura Sanitaria Universal, falleció repentinamente !!!, y el anuncio de su fallecimiento Repentino, lo hace el señorito que chamusca las mentes cada día en la tele con el Coñazovirus, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,que está ahi por ser también POLÍTICO .del

    Frente Democrático Revolucionario del Pueblo Etíope

  50. Un ejemplo a seguir, enhorabuena Madagascar. Gracias por tu humanidad!!

  51. Enough is Enough. It is not only we Africans should drop WHO, but the list should include IMF, World Bank, China, European, US EXIM Banks. They are all instrumental of exploitation.


  53. Well done Mr President. I am from Guinea-Bissau and I am very proud of you. I love traditional and natural treatment and I love the idea of promoting solutions (or anything) coming from Africa. WHO should promote covid organic instead of demoting it.

  54. World Death Organization. Nothing with health.

  55. Congratulations from Canada 🇨🇦
    USA President Trump found two drugs that worked well with 60 years of history. The WHO only wants drugs that make lots of money. I wish your Country the best.

    • What did he find? Nothing actually. Chloroquine has proven NOT to work for example

      • Chloroquine did not work Because they did not apply the protocol ! Again, this is a big manipulation. Hydroxychloroquine had to be used at the beginning of the viral infection (before compplications) with a (cheap) antibiotic called Azythromicin. But how did the OMS tested it ? When patients were hospitalized, with complication and no more viral trace. Look at the protocol Dr. Didier Raoult gave. He has repeated ans repeated that the treatment with these two medicines was ONLY working at an early stage of the sickness ! Look for yourselves instead of believing what the OMS and all its servants are saying.

      • Chloroquine did not work Because they did not apply the protocol ! Again, this is a big manipulation. Hydroxychloroquine had to be used at the beginning of the viral infection (before compplications) with a (cheap) antibiotic called Azythromicin. But how did the OMS tested it ? When patients were hospitalized, with complication and no more viral trace. Look at the protocol Dr. Didier Raoult gave. He has repeated ans repeated that the treatment with these two medicines was ONLY working at an early stage of the sickness ! Look for yourselves instead of believing what the OMS and all its servants are saying.

      • Chloroquine did not work Because they did not apply the protocol ! Again, this is a big manipulation. Hydroxychloroquine had to be used at the beginning of the viral infection (before compplications) with a (cheap) antibiotic called Azythromicin. But how did the OMS tested it ? When patients were hospitalise, with complication and no more viral trace. Look at the protocol Dr. Didier Raoult gave. He has repeated ans repeated that the treatment with these two medicines was ONLY working at an early stage of the sickness ! Look for yourselves instead of believing what the OMS and all its servants are saying.

    • Or are you talking about injecting bleach

  56. If this Madagascar remedy doesn’t involve a Bill Gates vaccine it will be dismissed and lampooned as African bush remedy.

    Don’t you people get it. This is a scamdemic for monster pharmaceutical profits and to exert totalitarian control of people’s lives through fear based mind control. Finally, it involves a diabolical population reduction conspiracy. Fewer blacks, browns and Asians. Wake up people. We have psychopaths on the loose.

  57. Not sure why it is not so clear but the rich men of the earth, the globalists…Club of Rome, CFR, Trilateral commission, Bilderbergers, etc, practice what is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. This complicated philosophy in which much of nature cycles through can be more simplistically summed up: problem, reaction, solution. They harness this on the masses to achieve great advancements in there agenda(s). Most wars and especially other man made disasters ranging from economic collapses to events such as 9/11 yields for them major advancements which would otherwise be unachievable or many years in the making through diplomatic efforts.
    Most of the world’s political puppets have lauded the New World Order and we all know about the UN.
    This is less about a virus and way more about the ringing in of a global government and a global monetary system. I wish it wasn’t true. The Matrix is real my friends and no matter how many times that I, or people like me try to speak truth the masses will always take that damned blue pill.

    • The only thing OMS can do is making RECOMMANDATIONS. The problem is that désinformation makes us believe that they have a right to dictate us conducts.

    • Our thoughts ceeate the world.
      If you believe nothing can be done, nothing will be done.
      I encourage you to believe in yourself, in your power, in what you really wish as a future.
      All of us we have to believe in our power. And we will create de world we want.

  58. Dear Sir, there is People who are with you in Europe!

  59. Start a petition to support this

  60. Anja Korte-Mensch

    What a wonderful day! That gives me hope. Our politicians hang on the lips and money of Gates and WHO. Maybe the winds change. All the best to you.
    Anja ( Germany)

  61. Great Mr. President! Ich bin eine grosse Anhaengerin der Naturmedizin und ganz ihrer Meinung. Sehr gut, bravo! Viel Erfolg und Glück!

  62. Christa (Germany)

    Thank you so much for your independence and courage !!!

  63. How do we get that drink in south africa

  64. I was very happy to read President of Madagascar’s call to Andry Rajoelina! Especially the section on treatment with Artemisia annua (by Anamed)! Here in Germany a “Dr. “H.”, for the cultivation and use of Artemisia annua as a natural medicine and medicinal plant! According to the will of the WHO and the EU according to the “Novel Food Regulation”, the cultivation and use of Artemisia annua for self-help should be stopped overnight. Why? This EU regulation now serves only one purpose, to protect industry from the interests of every population on this earth! Artemisia anua has been used as one of the most important medicinal plants for malaria for years! Dr. H. von anamed has been working for years to make this medicinal plant accessible to everyone as a cheap remedy, so that everyone can grow their own remedy! I myself drink Artemisia Tea, since the beginning Corona giant, preventive, because I belong to the risk group! To date, no cold, no group and no Covid-19 infection! I hope that the African Federation will declare its solidarity with the President of Madagascar and quit the WHO! They have my support !! Bravo!!! God bless you for your project! please excuse my bad English! Greetings from Germany

  65. Congratulations predident of Madagascar
    The whole world should follow your example, natural medicine, most effective and healing, if taken in the right dosis
    But big pharma and bill gates, fauci, who and the elite leaders who are manipualting humanity for thousand of years and want to gain full control over humaity by poisenous, GMO and AI+biotech vaccines, earning trillions of USD , who are not interested in healing patients, rather killing them and reduce worlds population will do everything in their powerful hands to oppose the natural healing medicine. Lets all stand up snd unite agsinst those manipulating leaders

  66. Thank you Mr President of Madagascar, you are an inspiration and a very courageous human being. I hope that all the African Nations and all the so called third world or under/developing countries follow your lead. Long Live Humanity

  67. We need now and no tomorrow our Freedom. We know all your plan against Africa. You need our continental without us. It’s this your problema. All these organisations are organisations who promouved the death no the life or the health. Africa-Liberty. Thanks so much Dear President of Madagascar. But be careful and take care of you.

  68. I am impressed with the way Madagascar is going. The president’s brevity tells me there is hope even if it’s just a ray.

  69. It very encouraging to know that at least there is one leader in this world that doesn’t bend to the big and corrupt ones! Long life to you Mr President!

  70. Bravo bravo bravo…
    Jer sve nas ionako zele potrovati…
    Pozdrav i podrska iz Hrvatske.
    Takvih svjesnih i zdravih prmjera je jedino potrebno.

  71. God bless Madagascar God bless Africa! Its quite sometime that Africa really appreciate and utilize what God blessed us with. I support you Mr President and hope all African presidents do the same especially Ghanaian President his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Ado

  72. God bless Madagascar God bless Africa! Its quite sometime that Africa really appreciate and utilize what God blessed us with. I support you Mr President and hope all African presidents do the same especially Ghanaian President his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo

  73. Henriette Bruckner

    The whole world must stand together, for freedom, justice and humanity! I’m from Germany, today there where again many people on the streets to stand up for our rights. We’re one family, all together! In Africa, Australia, Asia, America and Europe!

  74. Cannabis does not cure cancer where did you get that lie from?

  75. An absolutely correct and courageous decision. I hope that the whole of Africa will leave the WHO and that Madagascar will succeed together with all the other countries.

  76. Mr President, thank you so much for your boldness may Almighty God protect you from that evil mindedness. This is the time for all African leadership to support him so that he will not be deffit by the enemies. It’s time for African people to let the WHO know that Africa is on it own. No body can decide or detect for us now, we are ourselves detectors
    Mr. President you are the man of the world

  77. Angelika Dristram

    Great, I did not expect that Africa will save us! Thank you so much and go ahead!!!
    Love an peace!

  78. Hey guys. Look at the Interview 4 days ago. If a few more Presidents, Prime Ministers and Politicians had #PresidentAndryRajoelina ‘s Integrity we’d have sailed through this crisis in a seamless way. Love and support this man.

  79. ich bin tief beeindruckt von diesem grossen Schritt des Präsidenten. So viel Mut, wahnsinn!!!! Mögen seinem Beispiel zahlreiche Länder AUF DER GANZEN WELT folgen.

  80. We all need to leave anything related to the U.N. WHO NATO etc.

    Im proud of you all and its good to see that other people see the truth! Sometimes I feel Im the only one.

  81. Bravo au président malgache 😍 tellement heureuse de lire cela aujourd’hui. Je rêve que les états se rebellent et fassent de même. Quel courage !!!!
    Je suis de tout cœur avec lui.
    Je rêve que les Français se réveillent en masse et arrêtent d’écouter les mass médias.

  82. Am from Germany. You are great. Your country is nice. Africa goes up. Well doen. Go ahead. God bless u always

  83. Nobel Laureate Murati, who invented Viagra, is originally from a very small and poor country in Europe.
    But he did.
    Even Madagascar has done its best. I believe it

  84. Varouj Suarez-Anaya

    I am not aware of any rule or law within the WHO that prevents u to treat ur people with any type of medication u want to use on ur countries citizens, unless they are dying from it, so good luck and so good for ur success, sharing ur knowledge to save lives is a honorable thing to do, just find enough scientists independent ones who do not promote into pharma companies and u r doing good, all my support

    • The only thing OMS can do is making RECOMMANDATIONS. The problem is that désinformation makes us believe that they have a right to dictate us conducts.

  85. Well done and absolutely vital that natural and organic, holistic nutritional and energetic remedies are investigated fully and taken seriously….. they work that’s why …. remedies handed down over centuries….. and the ONLY reason the people who are in control of deciding for everyone else what we MUST do – since new law in UK ( 27th April) and USA ( 1st May) where basically our consent is no longer needed so we will be forced to have a vaccine ( I admit I do not fully understand all the implications but basically this law is downright wrong)
    the ONLY reason your solution will not be considered by those who have power to say yes to it… is that it will not make them the billions of dollars they have planned to accumulate…. and let’s not forget … it appears they are not really interested in saving lives…. according to Dr Buttar and Mikovits there are no correct significant blind or placebo testing on any of these patented vaccines (since 1989 if my memory serves me right) and so we have no idea side effects, backlash or chances of serious threat to health or life!!!!
    I think your decision is brave and spot on and that’s because it is about truth and love. It’s simple and the benefits, the statistics you have seen right now in real is proof and I believe this protocol is for the highest good of all.
    The rest of the world especially America and Europe need to wake up…. come on people. Do your own research , open your minds…. and look always for the good to be gained out of this or any undesirable situation. Blessings and love to all.

  86. I agree with the President of Madagascar He’s right.
    The World Health Organization is just pirates who don’t care about the people in this land, they’re just spreading lies to their goals and flooding poor countries with debt with a prior agreement with the World Bank.
    I wish asian countries to take the same step.

  87. Do not call yourself poor. You may not have a lot of money, but the traditional countries of the world are culturally rich. Keep your traditions. You can learn from other nations, but don’t abandon anything in your culture than brings life to your people.

  88. Great. Somebody has shown the courage.

  89. Well done for your truth and courage.


    No freedom of press!
    The president if Madagascar owns tv and radio stations.
    Also, it’s easier to contain a virus when your country is an island!

  91. 63rd poorest country – This treatment should change that! We’re neighbours, can we have some in South Africa please. 🙏🏽

  92. Namasté, Mr. Rajoelina.

    Great! One big step for all of us. Thanks so much for your courageous and wise reaction.
    Let’s leave the dominance of the big players who just walt economic and world power, behind us.

    Greetings from Europe

  93. What WHO again .., It seems they have only the rights to discover and developed covid19 cure and other countries like Madagascar have no rights at all, whatsoever? So sad, very sad, it so very unfair. Congratulations Mr President, long live the people of Madagascar.

  94. uriel v. arancillo

    What WHO again .., It seems they have only the rights to discover and developed covid19 cure and other countries like Madagascar have no rights at all, whatsoever? So sad, very sad, it so very unfair. Congratulations Mr President, long live the people of Madagascar.

    • Congratulations, Mr. President, for your heroic and exemplary stand. We look forward to WHO’s repose on your claim. Otherwise, the position and accountability of the WHO will be in doubt not only in Africa but in other parts of the world as well.

      Kaium from Bangladesh.

  95. like what the usa and Europe ha e been doing for years

  96. I wish we had a president like this here in Germany !!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Readinf through this threat of comments leaves me shocked about so much ignorance bad mouthing and calling commenters names like pig… shame on you. Whilst I use natural remedies I nevertheless need Thema to bei effective and Safe .Just because a Präsident says its effective is not enough. Proof it which is called evidence based and it will conquer the world. There is already enough of conspiracy theories and no knowledge.

  98. Respected Humanbeings,

    Subject: Alternate cure for Covid-19 Pandemic using Indian Tradition Medicine (Siddha). Request you to consider Siddha meditation synthesized by Dr. Thanikachalam and tested on a few Covid-19 patients with positive results.  

    I hope this mail finds you in great health and prosperity. While I am writing this e-mail, I invoke the blessing of Nature,  to support the Humanityy from Covid-19 pandemic. Above all the ultimate Nature, which is the ultimate savior. Whenever there is hue and cries from humanity, Nature will arrive in the form of human being to alleviate pains of the society as we believe in avatars since the arrival of human beings into this beautiful planet.

    Our human endeavor can reach far more that what we’re today be expanding mind to the eternal consciousness without lending ourselves to the six temperamental moods, viz, greed, anger, miserliness, immoral passion, vanity and vengeance. we will need support the world with the discoveries of Indian system of living and traditional medicines as a collective society to share the virtues of our Indian system including healing methods with scientific relevance.  

    From time immemorial, our Indian Siddhas aka Siddha of South India those who’re enlightened and realized spirits have propounded the ultimate wisdom of body, mind and soul. There are about 19 siddhas of the Indian rank starting from Agastya, Pulipani Siddha, Kamalamuni till the 19th Siddha, Maharishi Vethathiri who lived through the 19th century.

    These siddha’s, Gurus & Rishis had the profound knowledge via self-realization and ardent practices for years in deeper state of consciousness, thereby developing several healing techniques for curing diseases holistically. Our Indian culture has inherently evolved over a period with the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our society in magnanimity of saints who formed the epicenter of our culture and traditional values till-date. however, India seems to be losing her heritage due to rapid Globalization, which is one of the causes for all our maladies.

    One of the core aspects of treating patients holistically has been changed to the rapid adoption of allopathic medicines without relevance to our cultural ethics. we are respectful to allopathy doctors for supporting millions of lives, however there are few gaps in the modern medicines in treating patients holistically without side-effects, thus resulting in patients not healed but temporarily cured in allopathy.

    Perhaps, these discoveries of Siddhas form permanent cure or healing, which was not based on clinical trials, however they are based out of their own revelations. Whilst allopathic medicine is based on research, scientific evidence which are confined to human mind, our traditional medicines are the revelations of truth by Nature, thus propounded via imminent Siddha’s aligned with Nature in the deepest state of consciousness.

    Hence, the system of Indian traditional medicine is holistic in treating patients without any side-effects. India will need to develop indigenous ways to synthesize our ancient wisdom of Siddha, Ayurveda without foregoing our heritage. As the world knows the side-effects of allopathy, it is time to realize benefits of our ancient healing methods synthesized.  

    Sir, I would like to introduce you to Dr Thanikasalam Veni of Rathna Siddha Hospital in Chennai has 25-year of vast experience in field Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines. Dr. Thanikachalam, Siddhar Doctor, Chennai, TN, India. It is my humble request sir to synthesis our traditional siddha medicine to support millions of patients worldwide.

    A Siddha doctor from Tamil Nadu has formulated an herbal medicine that can cure Coronavirus, which was first detected in the city of Wuhan in China in December 2019 and has no effective vaccine or drug to treat it. Dr Thanikasalam Veni of Rathna Siddha Hospital in Chennai has 25-year of vast experience in field Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines.

    Dr. Thanika has promised he has developed medicines to heal the Covid-19 patients with Vadha swara kudineer, which would cure Covid-19 patients if treated at an early stage. Having heard about artifacts of deaths in Italy, USA and many other countries, where patients have died due to dosages of hydroxychloroquine and another vaccine which is used for treating Aids. These are allopathy medicines, which are still in the initial stages and not convincing enough to support Covid-19 patients.

    Sir, it is my humble request to support millions of lives in jeopardy throughout the World. Nature has finally given us one option to save the World and this is the right opportunity to save humanity from the ultimate crisis. As a preventive measure, Chaavanparash (Nellikai – Amla) is a preventive medicine that should be prescribed to all Indian citizens and the world citizens.

    While the World is trying to find a vaccine for Covid-19, our Siddha Dr. Thanikachalam has already found a medicine for curing Covid-19 with a proof of few patients healed. Dr. Thanikachalam has provided several artifacts of e-mails discussed with the Chinese embassy to support them in the current situation. Sir, I request you to take immediate notice and support Dr. Thanikachalam to produce the medicine for Covid-19 in masses with a permanent cure for the World. Recently, Economic times has released an article about Dr. Thanikachalam about the siddha cure for Covid-19.

    We want to tell the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese government that our medicine is very effective in treating multi-organ failure in corona fever condition,” as reported by the Dr. in an interview with Economic times. The Siddha doctor mentioned that the medicine formulated by him along with his team treats infections caused by the virus within 24 hours to 40 hours.

    “When we treated the dengue virus with our medicine, many patients with reduced platelets count, acute liver failure, immunity deficiency and low white blood cell (WBC) were cured within 24-40 hours,” said Veni. “In coronavirus too I am confident our medicine will be very effective,” he added.

    The doctor said he is willing to help the state and the central government as well as China if required. “If the Centre and state government require then I am ready with medicine. Also, if China wants my contribution, I am ready to fly immediately to Wuhan with my medicine which can cure Coronavirus,” he said.

    Therefore, WE, the CITIZENS of INDIA kindly request you to kindly consider the above Siddha medicine prepared by Dr.Thanikachalam, TN, India to test and produce in masses, certified and proposed as a solution for the impending Covid-19 patients across the Globe via the World Health Organization (WHO).

    May God bless the World!!!
    Vaazhga Valamudan
    Save the World!  


  99. Well spoken President. We are not sheep who follow blindly. We need people who stand up for there convictions.

    • Sehr geehrter Herr Präsident!
      Ihre mutige Entscheidung wird der ganzen gequälten Welt zum Durchbruch für eine gerechtere Welt verhelfen.
      Geben Sie auf sich acht. Gott ist mit Ihnen

  100. Well Done Mr President, rule your country the way it must be ruled, not how the rest of Africa and the world are told to rule.
    South Africa president a disgrace to all Africans, for believing what Bill Gates and the WHO are telling him what to do.
    I salute you Sir.

  101. Fabrice Teurquety

    c’est un fake, le gouvernement a démenti, encore des attaques des lobbies pharmaceutiques qui sont dans l’ombre afin de discréditer ce pays ! “La Présidence de Madagascar dément formellement toutes ces allégations. Depuis le lancement du remède Covid-Organics, de nombreux propos ont été faussement attribués au Président Andry Rajoelina. le gouvernement condamne fermement ces fausses citations”, a déclaré la directrice de cabinet de la présidence, Lova Ranoramoro. 😉

  102. all rights reserved - to serve what is right - in honour-standing WHO are more the branch of the Secret Societies and their minions “Europe” is lead by the same entity ..the man of our countries are industrious and produce well with our moral code ..and the parasites above know that and take the wealth we generate to “go around the world” and “parasitize more” from its power.. of the human intra-spieces parasitism in the “upper ruling bodies of the world” is one key factor ..multi-polarity in politics and less centralization surely will aid too.. Best of luck in aiding the human family around the world for prosperity of all!

  103. western countries always look down upon native medicines like ayurweda etc, but they steel the herbs, analyze them and look for active ingrediants and make a pill. Long ago (late 1970s) I remember a BBC interview with British Medical Ass: discussing a soho (London) chiese doctor curing a British long time Eczema sufferer . They looked at active ingrediants and used that chemical on others, but that did not work (probably did not found the best chemicals that were below detection levels etc).Long ago I had a cough that western medicines given by specialists did not work. An ” wedahattaya” ayurvedic doctor then gave one “kasaya” a herbal concoction. I asked him when I should come back. He said try it, you may not need tocome back he said. The local herbal shop that sells herbs told me this an excellent wattoruwa (prescription), Touch wood and thanks to the wedamattaya,I never got that longstanding cough so far.( almost 4 decades)

  104. The President of Madagascar speaks the truth.It is uncomfortable and does not conform to that of the western world. Resigns from the WHO. It is the right time to create a separate health organization – African Health Organization (AHO). Take advantage of the skills and opportunities that Africa offers. This will give Africa a common identity, strength, trust and a new self-confidence – a feeling of belonging together.
    Africa not only has a lot of mineral resources but also many medicinal plants and people who still know how to use them.
    The president of Madgascar has charisma and does the right thing for his people regardless of what other people think. Such a president I would wish for Germany. In the West, politicians are all puppets of money. This is the statement of a Western minister who experienced this in his function as health minister and made it public.

    Iwih you the power to do what you said

    This pandemic shows what we can expect from our politicians in Germany. They are on the same level as the press. They are treading the constitution with their feet.
    1st freedom of the press: Russia and China are said to be totalitarian systems in which there is no freedom of the press. This pandemic shows the grimace of the alleged freedom of the press in the West. TV is used by the rulers and governors to scare the people. The press receives money from those behind this pandemic. Critical scientists and voices are not even invited on TV for an ostensibly democratic discussion. There is only one system-compliant institute whose opinion is accepted. If one speaks the truth, against which one cannot argue, these critics are crackpots, left- and right-wing extremists or conspiracy theorists. Critical contributions on Youtube are simply deleted.
    2. freedom of demonstration: One tried to limit it. But meanwhile 100,000 people are demonstrating in many cities. The police sometimes take brutal action against demonstrators or people passing by accidentally. In some cases, however, they are also exemplary.
    3 The basic right to the inviolability of human dignity is to be abolished.
    4. politicians are lying: politicians are written to for fear of a compulsory vaccination and thus the violation of point 3. They answer that something of the same is neither planned nor possible, since there is no vaccine at all. A few days later, however, exactly such a law is submitted for final decision with the consent of this person.

    5. The WHO and UNICEF made in several countries, including Kenya, infertile by vaccinating countless women.Sad that the government was apparently informed and participated.

    Resign from WHO UNICEF and other organizations. Save the contributions and invest it in your country, your people.
    Resign from WHO UNICEF and other organizations. Save the contributions and invest it in your country in your people.

    Translated with (free version)

  105. Margitta Bütterich

    Ja,es ist sehr sehr wichtig diesen Präsidenten rund um die Uhr zu beschützen.

  106. You go Africa!!

  107. I am from Philippines married to a Malagasy. I would say you said it very well Mr. President… and maybe it is a sensible move if you include that Europeans will now reversely get Madagascar Visa for obvious reasons… Let Madagascar always be the safest country on earth amid this pandemic…

  108. Go go go Madagascar. I believe this is the time for Africans to trust their own and look within fir once. The dependency has been enough and we can do this. The expectation of seeing the dead on the streets of Africa will surprise the world and ultimately we will learn from our mistakes and patronize our own

  109. Bin respect. Such a brave president. Let‘s hope fore widespreading of these activities.

  110. Congratulations 👏 Madagascar 🇲🇬

    Well said Mr President..

  111. Good evening Sir, I’m impressed with what you are doing for your Country. My Company can assist you with many of the underlying conditions that is a threat to Covid19.
    It is a product that infuses the body with more oxygen and speed up the healing. We have seen Covid + results changing to negative in 3 to 4 days. I have the results to proof it – one of them an old lady of 80 years old.

  112. As a european Id like to send congratulations for this step. The EU have a lot of great Ideas and I can say: take those that are good for you leave those you dont need but never ever make yourself depend on the EU. Stay in your power and trust yourself. The wealth of the EU is not build on morality or peace or taking care of humanity, it is build by ruthless economists. Dont get attached to them!

  113. Christine Kereana

    This is a cure for the covid19. I believe in other ailments that are just as good if not better than waiting around and going thru drama that no one needs.Why wait around for the EU they aren’t the only ones that produce alternative method that is affective. I say support these guys.

  114. excellent, they do not allow themselves to be trampled by the corrupt OMS and ONU

  115. What the excellency is said is very true . Just because the produce is from African countries ( Madagascar) , the WHO does not recommend it. This is bad, at least they should have tried and then decided. I know thePresident of Madagascar very well and I know he is a man of no nonsence. U can very well see from the way he has transformed the country and I am sure it would soon be one of the finest countries in Africa .
    We in India have a tie up with sri Ramakrishna Hospitial and the House of Madagascar and we bring poor sick people for treatment from Madagascar for a very norminal rate. Lots have come and benefitted . I am waiting for the lockup to be lifted to get the medicine and try it out in our hospitial If it works I am going to ask to supply e ok old wide.
    All the African countries should join together and make the president if Madagascar to lead a health organisation . I am sure he will run it in a just and fair manner.

  116. I love forums like this. Great entertainment to see how many loonies there are out there 😎 One again we have African’s blaming anybody but themselves for the poor state of their nations. All tribal, all cruel and all corrupt – nothing to do with colonialism, past or present.

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    COVID-19 Had No Impact on US Death Rate So Far in 2020

    The CDC website says the average US death totals since 2015 from all causes has remained unchanged so far in 2020. That means the huge numbers of reported COVID-19 deaths either never happened or they were deaths from other causes mislabeled as COVID-19. Hospital records show that almost all the COVID deaths were attributed to people with other medical condition. In New York, the 86%. of those who allegedly died of COVID-19, had other conditions that could have been the cause of death. The fact that the overall death rate did not increased proves that the pandemic is a hoax.

  131. Here is independent journalist, Harry Vox, warning back in 2014 that the most powerful tool in the toolkit of the ruling elite is the ability to declare a pandemic because it gives them total control over the population via quarantines and curfews. He even goes over the Rockefeller Foundation 2010 book that lays out the “lockstep” scenario we are now living through:

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    Plants need good soil and water to have a healthy life and growth. If you spoil the soil with any of the medicines/vaccines that are administered on humans, then the plants would either not come to life or if they do, their reproduction capacity would be severely affected and they would die much sooner… Same is for the humans…

    Being with the nature is the remedy (of anything) and against the nature is a disease. Nature has provided food/fruits for every organ in the human body (eyes – almonds; brain – walnut; Kidney – kidney beans and so on…) which improves our immunity…

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