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“No Coronavirus In Nigeria, Politicians Using It To Eat Money” – Pastor Ibiyeomie

“No Coronavirus In Nigeria, Politicians Using It To Eat Money” – Pastor Ibiyeomie

Popular Nigerian televangelist, and founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, in Port Harcourt, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, says, there is no Coronavirus in Nigeria, that politicians and other institutions are just using it to steal money.

The renowned cleric stated this on Sunday while preaching at Salvation Ministries, Headquarters in Port-Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Pastor Ibiyeomie also said what Nigeria has is the normal malaria that Nigerians are seriously immuoned to and not Coronavirus. Making reference to the experience of the Founder of DAAR Communications, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Ibiyeomie questioned the alleged treatment they were giving to Covid-19 patients and expressed serious doubts over the daily statistics issued by the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control, NCDC.

The cleric also condemned the borders closure and lockdowns declared by the Federal and State Governments due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

He further condemned the use of facemasks even when speaking, describing those who wear the facemasks as “masquerades”.

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  1. Here in the US, this is a total scam–they are using bogus tests (80% false positive rate) and they are deliberately inflating the death count. Instead of only counting those who died BECAUSE OF corona, they are counting people who died WITH corona. So even if someone was in hospice, with only two weeks to lives because of cancer, when they die, it’s counted as corona. It is a global scam being used by the ruling elite of the world (central bankers who print money out of thin air and own the Federal Reserve in the US and the central banks around the world) to turn our world into a global police state where we have no rights and no freedom. They are using this to enforce mandatory vaccines, which will be used to microchip us for Agenda ID2020 (please look this up–see an article by ex-World Bank economist, Peter Koenig, at warning about Agenda ID2020 and the sinister agenda of the the ruling elite to enslave humanity via their new crypto digital financial system). Nations need to kick the WHO and Bill Gates out!!

    Here’s an excellent website– please share:

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